• In 1966 the enterprise OAMPS (Organization, Automation and Modernization of the Power System) was created

    Several months later, OAMPS was renamed AMPS (Automation and Modernization of the Power System) and undertook the development work within the power system.
  • In 1969, SE (State-owned Enterprise) AMPS – Sofia and SEE (State-owned Economic Enter-prise) Energoremont (Power Repairs)

    — Sofia merged into one enterprise SEE CERA (Central Power Repairs and Automation) that executes overhauls of power plants, start-up and operative tests, design and development and research activities, automation and reconstruction of power equipment.
  • In 1974, CERA forms the base for establishment of State Economy Association ‘Energoremont’. CERA was transformed into ORGRES

  • In 1979 ORGRES was transformed into SPE (Scientific-and-Production Enterprise) ‘Techenergo’

  • In 1990 ‘Techenergo’ acquired the status of a state-owned firm.

  • In 1993 ‘Techenergo’ was transformed into a single-ownership joint-stock company

  • Since 2004 ‘Techenergo’ is a subsidiary company of ‘Energoremont Holding’

    a part of its structure with subject of activity research, design, construction and engineering activities in the field of economical use of fuel, automation and management of technological processes in the energy system.