“Techenergo” JSC guaranteed the reliable work of REK “Bitola”

“Techenergo” JSC completed the contract “Servicing of A50 System in REK “Bitola” in the Republic of Macedonia. REK “Bitola” is the biggest producer of electricity from coal in the country.
A50 System controls steam generators burning coal by monitoring of the flame radiation in the visible and near infrared region of the spectrum, amplitude and frequency analysis of the re-ceived signal and generation of management and protection signals. During the execution of the contract modulators and protective valves were dismantled and new photo sensors P31-IR were installed that meet the most modern technical requirements. In the course of the contract execution, “Techenergo” proposed new solutions. Successful completion of the contract in REK “Bitola” ensured the protection of Boiler 1 against extinction and guaranteed the reliable operation of the plant.